ShyaSu Financial is a financial advisory firm providing credit solutions for all personal and business needs under one umbrella from leading banks and NBFC’s at competitive terms. Our proprietary technology that connects borrower anonymised data directly into the credit approval process of over 80 banks, NBFC’s & Financial Institutions. We pride ourselves in providing most suitable advice backed with in-depth knowledge. We can help you with your Financial needs no matter which part of country you are from.

We work with more than 80 lenders and Financial bodies providers in INDIA, that means we research through thousands of product options to ensure we offer you the best, most customised, tailor-made advice. We can help you with variety of Loan needs.

We are always available to make your journey smoother. Contact us for free Advice:


Our USPs are:

  • Tailor Made Products Suit Requirement
  • Lowest Interest Rate
  • Maximum Loan on Minimum Collateral
  • Minimum Processing Fees
  • Door step services

How its work

Initial Review

  • Our team will plug your financials into our secure proprietary technology that connects your anonymised data directly into the credit approval process of over 80 Bank, NBFC and FI.

Complete the Loan Application 

  • Collect loan documents as per checklist
  • Signing of loan application
  • Sending borrower file to bank for login

Credit Appraisal by Bank

  • Verification of loan documents
  • analysis of financial documents by underwriter
  • Analysis of security documents by underwriter

Sanction and Disbursement

  • Communication of Sanction to borrower with term sheet
  • Signature of all loan agreements by borrower
  • Disbursement of Loan